Audio Processing Framework (APF)  version 0.3.0
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 biquad.hSecond order recursive filter and more
 blockdelayline.hBlock-based delay line
 combine_channels.hCombine channels, interpolate, crossfade
 commandqueue.hCommand queue
 container.hSome containers
 convolver.hConvolution engine
 default_thread_policy.hThis header includes the default policy depending on the OS
 denormalprevention.hDifferent methods to prevent denormal numbers
 dummy_thread_policy.hDummy thread policy class
 fftwtools.hSome tools for the use with the FFTW library
 iterator.hSeveral more or less useful iterators and some macros
 jack_policy.hJACK policy for MimoProcessor's interface_policy
 jackclient.hJACK client (C++ wrapper for JACK)
 lockfreefifo.hLock-free first-in-first-out queue
 math.hMathematical constants and helper functions
 mextools.hSome tools for working with the MEX API for Matlab/Octave
 mimoprocessor.hMulti-threaded MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) processor
 mimoprocessor_file_io.hHelper function for multichannel soundfile reading/writing
 misc.hMiscellaneous helper classes
 parameter_map.hA "dictionary" for parameters
 pointer_policy.hC policy (= pointer based) for MimoProcessor's audio_interface
 portaudio_policy.hPortAudio policy for MimoProcessor's interface_policy
 posix_thread_policy.hPOSIX thread policy class
 rtlist.hA (under certain circumstances) realtime-safe list
 shareddata.hShared data
 sndfiletools.hSome tools for the use with libsndfile
 stopwatch.hA simple stopwatch
 stringtools.hHelper functions for string conversion
 documentation.cppSome Doxygen documentation
 mimoprocessor.cppSome documentation about apf::MimoProcessor